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Clementine-Lavender Juice

Clementine-Lavender Juice


This could be a drink or just a nice refreshing juice. It tastes SO GOOD, the mix of lavender and clementines is just meant to be.

This is how you make clementine-lavender juice:

You need:
• 12 clementines
• 2 lemons

For the lavender syrup:
• 4 dl water
• 1 dl dried lavender flowers
• 1 dl xylitol

1. Start with the lavender syrup. Boil the water and add the lavender flowers and the xylitol. Stir and set aside for 15-20 min
2. Peel the clementines, and squeeze the lemons. Blend these together and then using a ‘filtration bag' strain away the pulp. 

Pour the lavender syrup into the clementine juice and let it cool down for few hours. You can add sparkling water to it, or alcohol, (sparkling wine).