I'm born and raised in former Yugoslavia and moved to Sweden as a teenager. I’ve lived in Karlshamn, Linköping, New York and currently in Stockholm. Ever since I was a kid my passions have been drawings, photography and storytelling. I’ve practiced these passions during my studies in Media Technology where I learned basics in programming, design and production in both film and photography.

Today, I’m studying Digital Data Strategy, and data has changed my way of working.  At Hyper Island we have worked in teams with real cases, using data in order to gain insights and present strategies for companies whether we’re talking about branding, concept development or business growth. Hyper Island has also given me great tools to be a better leader and team member which I’ve learnt for life.  As my passion lies in storytelling, I want to combine my skills and create strategies for businesses in a world that’s constantly re-inventing!